MY TRAVEL ESSENCE – my world through lens

Hi! I am glad to meet you. It is wonderful that in this big world (.. yet not big enough!!) you have found your way here.
Hope you will like the photos and I could bring you again and again to my world. Feel free to comment or send me suggestions, that will inspire me to excel, I would love to listen your thought.

More about me here..

All I’m

I’m 26 year old guy formally from India, now lives in serene, beautiful place called Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Its stunning landscape, mountain locations are worth to capture with eyes and lens.

I love driving and whenever I find time from my research work I pack my bag with gears and step out. I love plain lands (deserted), rivers, mountains, city light and sea shores.
Of course last but not least I love sleeping under the stars.

I love playing with contrasts and exposure. Long exposure photographs at nights are my favorites.
I am an admirer of black/white photographs (though I have not posted a lot over here). They can reveal more depth of perception what colors can’t define.

I believe you are truly genius when you can present a subtle thing as a subject in your pictures. (I hope I can get there someday)

This is the other side of me.
I love to code and also ardent admirer of open source products.
I have worked on C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, Javascript etc.


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Long time back I read an article “why technical people should blog but dont“. It did answer all the questions I used to have those days about tech blogging.

An advantage of blogging is that it’s your live tech diary on the internet. When stumbled upon some difficult technical stuff you struggle to put things together. You do some research in the net for solutions. It is awesome to put them in as posts in blog. In near future people might be visiting your blog for the solution. After all sharing is caring. 😉

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I believe :

  • .. art and creativity has the power to heal even the most broken of hearts.
  • .. gearing up for trips on friday nights are the best moments.
  • .. prank your best buddies at least expected moments.
  • .. in love at first sight.
  • .. life is adventurous only if you are not boring, help yourself.
  • .. one minute of anger is sixty seconds of lost happiness.
  • .. have ear for other’s words and you will learn more.
  • .. in laughing until it hurts at least once a day.

I don't believe :

  • .. everything happens for a reason.
  • .. that I am going to become less energetic over time.
  • … that you are a horrible person if you disagree with me.
  • … things will always go the way you expect.
  • … that miracles don’t exist.
  • … that I need a substance to feel better. (but a lamborghini can make you feel better.. Ha ha ha! ).
  • … that life is short.